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cloister traditional honey, orange blossom

Orange you glad we didn't say banana? Open a jar of Orange Blossom Honey and you'll be instantly transported to Florida's fragrant orange groves. Nothing is better than honey with its naturally fruity flavors, especially Orange Blossom Honey. Fruity, floral and warm... you will fall in love with its delicious undertone of citrus. Add seamlessly to an easy summer salad (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack) of berries, pineapple and red quinoa, a glaze to finish ham, pork or chicken, or blend it with butter for a delicious spread - especially on warm biscuits. Yum!

Net weight: 12 oz.

Shipping:  Ready to ship in 2-3 Business Days
Curbside Pick-Up:  Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10 - 5


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Weight    :  1.3125 pounds

Length    :   2 inches

Width      :   2 inches

Height    :    6.5 inches

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