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cloister infused honey, vanilla

To answer the age-old question, "Chocolate or Vanilla?" Vanilla, please... but hold the extract! Cloister Honey puts beans in their honey - vanilla beans, that is. This honey is light, aromatic, and effortlessly smooth. One taste will have you wondering how you ever lived without it. Add seamlessly to your morning smoothie, blue cheese and figs or pears for an easy appetizer, or plain yogurt for a sweet afternoon snack. Or try this: as an easy glaze for store-bought muffins and croissants: blend well 1/2 cup sifted powdered sugar, 1 tsp vanilla infused honey and 3 tbsp warm milk. Yum!

Net weight: 12 oz.

Shipping:  Ready to ship in 2-3 Business Days
Curbside Pick-Up:  Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10 - 5


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Weight    :  1.3125 pounds

Length    :   2 inches

Width      :   2 inches

Height    :    6.5 inches

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